FastFiber considers that the existence of a sustainability policy is mandatory to guarantee the company’s long-term viability, development and growth and assumes environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices as a part of sound business management, preserving the Company’s reputation and integrity.

Creating a culture of sustainability requires, in addition to the concern with economic performance, efficient risk management and responsible decision-making that takes into account the well-being of the stakeholders, the community and the environment.

FastFiber makes efforts to minimize the negative impacts on natural resources and the environment, committing itself to the continuous improvement of the ESG performance of the operations and the fulfillment of all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. The ESG Policy is based on the principles and values ​​of ethics and integrity contained in the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, that guides FastFiber’s activity, and which the Company believes to be the basis for the establishment and consolidation of solid and of trustful relations with all stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct, includes Diversion, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) objectives, namely the Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, as well as the whistleblower protection program and enforcement mechanisms. It also leads with the measures for the prevention of corruption, according to the national General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption and related offences (RGPC), under which the Corruption Risk Prevention Plan (RPP) has been developed. The Code of Ethics and Conduct also includes information on the denouncement channel and enforcement mechanisms, as well as rules on the protection of internal and external whistleblowers. External stakeholders can report any situation or suspected irregularity by emailing two members of the Management Team (,,, and If the target of the complaint is a member of the Management Team, it should be sent to the CEO and General Counsel. If the concern involves the CEO or General Counsel, the complaint should be sent to the Chair of the Board of Directors, via e-mail to:

FastFiber ESG Goals 2024 and onwards


  • Reduce the equivalent average monthly water consumed in 10% in 2024 to 0,413m3 per headcount of the headquarters;
  • Achieve an average landfill waste diversion rate of 35%, to be monitored monthly in 2024;
  • Achieve the following Scope 1+2 (market based) Emissions Reduction Factors considering 2023 baseline of 53 tCO2:
Emissions Reduction Factor0,900,800,800,700,60
  • Roadmap to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050:

By the end of 2025

  • Carry out more comprehensive emission calculations, namely in relation to indirect and value chain emissions (future coverage);
  • Analyse the opportunity to submit to the SBTi commitment program and establish the respective action plan, if applicable;

By the end of 2026

  • Based on the performance of more comprehensive emissions calculations:
    • Redefine baseline and scope 1+2 emission reduction targets, if necessary, as well as the respective action plan;
    • Decide on the relevance of setting a specific Scope 3 emission reduction target and its action plan;
  • Taking into account the previous objectives, check any gaps and define the actions needed to achieve the objective of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

By the end of 2027

  • Have a car fleet with a proportion of combustion vehicles equal to or less than 50%.

By the end of 2035

  • Have a car fleet with a proportion of combustion vehicles equal to 0%.


  • Have at least 2500 training hours per year, gender balanced and including training on ESG in 2024;
  • Have a minimum of 10% of employees under the age of 30 by 2024;
  • Zero accidents at the office with medical leave;
  • Zero accidents at the construction;
  • Conduct an assessment on psychological risks and corresponding action plan in 2024.


  • Not to be subject to any material complaint;
  • Not to be subject to any formal litigation process;
  • Not to be considered responsible for any wrongful activity reported through the whistle blower protection program.

Highlights of 2023 ESG Report

FastFiber annually produces an ESG Report that analyses the Company’s activity in the different aspects – Environmental, Social and Governance – in which, for 2023, the following activities stand out:


  • The preparation and successful completion of the certification in Environmental Management, in the ISO14001:2015 standard.
  • The establishment of a roadmap to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050 (including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions), in alignment with the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).
  • The documentation and identification of diversion opportunities and practices for landfill waste, with a diversion rate established for 2024.
  • The development of a preferential procurement policy to source materials made from recycled content or reusable items.
  • The order for electric vehicles, in order to reduce the proportion of diesel vehicles in the fleet to 75%, with delivery scheduled for the first half of 2024.


  • The preparation and successful completion of the certification in Occupational Health and Safety Management, in the ISO45001:2019 standard.
  • As part of the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety management system, an exercise to test the reaction to an accident at the headquarters has been performed and first aid training was provided to some employees within the Company.
  • The recording of zero severe accidents/injuries recorded at the office and at the construction site.
  • The initial development of a project with the aim of designing and implementing an integrated human resources management model (development, training, evaluation, motivation, etc.).
  • The planning and promotion of various events and activities, internal and external, including solidarity actions.


  • The successful renewal of the certification in Quality Management (ISO 9001)
  • In the field of Cybersecurity and data protection, the improvements made to the existing backup practice and the implementation of a tape vaulting solution.
  • The appointment of a Fiscal Committee that supervisions the activities in an autonomous and independent manner.

Sustainable Development Goals – SDG

The goals defined by FastFiber regarding ESG are in line with the topics chosen by the UN for the promotion of sustainable development (SDG). FastFiber identifies 7 SDG for which it considers having a positive direct impact:

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