Mission, Vision & Values

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To develop a fiber optic network with the largest coverage nationwide, supplying a wide scope of neutral network products.

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To be the reference supplier of fiber optic networks to all electronic communications operators in Portugal.

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All customers are special:
FastFiber is committed to providing its wholesale services to any customer in a neutral, non-discriminatory manner, under competitive commercial conditions and with levels of performance and quality of service that exceed their expectations.

Merit is the main evaluation factor:
FastfFiber intends to enhance a culture of meritocracy that allows the creation of a dynamic through which its employees are encouraged to participate in the definition of ambitious goals and rewarded according to their achievement. It is also due to its merit that FastFiber intends to be recognized in the market, especially by its clients.

It is the foundation of all successful long-term relationships. The availability of the largest and best national fiber optic network in competitive and transparent conditions, partnerships of excellence, combined with the development of an ecosystem of relationships guided by the principles of justice, transparency and ethics are the proper foundations to generate a trust that it’s fundamental to the fulfilment of FastFiber’s mission.

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Fiber for All

Address:  Rua João de Lemos, nº3 Loja
1300-324 Lisboa
Telephone:  +351 210 517 700
Email:  geral@fastfiber.pt

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