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This Privacy Notice is intended to inform you about the personal data that FastFiber collects, treats, uses and keeps about you, with whom it can be shared and how you can access your Rights. FastFiber’s activity is exclusively targeted to corporate companies and, therefore, does not collect data from citizens, except those of its own employees and those of employees, representatives or subcontractors of its suppliers, customers, or other entities with which it relates. From customers, it collects only the personal data necessary for the provision of services or the measures to be taken for its provision.

FastFiber’s Contacts (Responsible for treatment)

Rua João de Lemos, 3 – Loja
1300-324 Lisboa
Phone number: +351210517700

How is your data collected?

a) In the scope of its activity, FastFiber collects and processes personal data by telephone, through the website or in writing, for example, within the scope of a contractual or pre-contractual relationship.

b) FastFiber collects and processes your personal data only with your consent, when necessary, and ensuring that it reflects a manifestation of free, specific, informed and explicit will.

The data collected are only those strictly necessary for the provision of services and/or for the supply of products. At any time, and at the sole discretion of the holder, this consent may be withdrawn.

How your personal data is used?

FasFiber only processes personal data in accordance with the purposes established at the time of collection. The purpose(s) may vary depending, for example, on using the website and/or purchasing a service or product. If you represent, before FastFiber, a company that uses its services, it is mandatory to register and FastFiber collects your personal data. It also processes that personal data for the provision of the service or for the performance of the contract. FastFiber can also process your personal data for other purposes, including marketing and communications, but this will only happen if you have given your consent or if there is a legal basis for doing so.

If you are an employee of a company that provides services to FastFiber, whether directly or indirectly, and if it is necessary to collect your personal data to provide your services or perform your function, for example, to receive credentials for accessing FastFiber’s systems, it is possible that some of your personal data will be collected. That data will only be used for the purposes described and never for any other purpose without the due basis of lawfulness or your consent.

What personal data is collected?

The personal data that FastFiber collects may vary depending, for example, wether data was collected when using our website and/or purchasing a service or product or providing a service to FastFiber. If you visit the website, you do not need to provide any personal data. However, your browser automatically transmits some data. For more information, please consult the Cookies’ Policy below.

If your company uses FastFiber’s services, personal data may be necessary for the execution of a contractual or pre-contractual relationship that may exist between it and FastFiber.

Depending on the purposes, you may have to collect the following personal data:

  • System application access credentials
  • Location data
  • E-mail, Social Network data
  • Tax Identification Number
  • ID data
  • Passport details
  • Civil Status Information
  • Commercial Registration Data
  • Name
  • Telephone contact details

With whom can your personal data be shared?

In order to maintain and improve FastFiber’s services, your personal data may be shared or transmitted to certain service providers, to another Data Controller or, in some cases, to Public Authorities. FastFiber may be required to share your personal data in response to requests from a Court, from Judicial and Police Authorities or other Regulatory Authorities. Whenever possible, you will be consulted before such sharing is made and, to protect your privacy, it is guaranteed that only the least amount of information will be shared, taking into account the purpose for which it is required.

How does FastFiber take care of your personal data?

FastFiber limits the amount of personal data collected only to what is necessary considering the purpose(s). FastFiber restricts, protects and controls all personal data against unauthorized access, damage, loss or destruction, whether physical or electronic, and asks employees to assist in these activities. Personal data is only retained for as long as necessary, in accordance with the above, to respond to your requests or in accordance with what is defined by law. If your personal data is retained for historical or statistical purposes, it is ensured that it will no longer be used. While under the control of FastFiber, with your help, we try to keep your data up to date.

For how long is your personal data kept?

a) The period of time during which the data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is collected and processed. There are legal requirements that require data to be kept for a minimum period of time.

b) If there is no legal conservation period, the data will be stored and preserved only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that motivated its collection and subsequent treatment, after which it will have the appropriate treatment unless there is a legal basis for the extension of that period.

How can you access your personal data?

You have the right to request access to any of your personal data. If any of this information is incorrect, you can request a correction. If FastFiber is processing your personal data improperly, you can request a limitation of its treatment or even its deletion.

If you want to access your personal data, you can place your request on our company’s website or HERE.

If you have given your consent for FastFiber to process your personal data, you have the right to port it to another organization or to yourself, as you wish.

If you have given your consent for the processing of your personal data, you have the right, at any time, to withdraw that consent. If you withdraw your consent, FastFiber will no longer proceed with the processing of your personal data without, however, affecting the legality of the processing, based on consent, prior to its withdrawal.

Your Rights:

  • Right to Information: You have the right to obtain information from the Person Responsible for the Treatment of Personal Data, namely, identity and contacts; treatment purposes; the legal basis for treatment; recipients of personal data;
  • Right of Access: You have the right to obtain from the controller the confirmation as to whether or not your personal data is being processed, and, where that is the case, access to the personal data;
  • Right to Rectification: You have the right to obtain rectification of your inaccurate personal data and the right to have incomplete personal data completed;
  • Right to Erase: in certain situations, you may have the right to have your personal data deleted;
  • Right to Limitation of Treatment: in certain situations, you may have the right to limit the treatment of your personal data;
  • Right of Portability: in certain situations, you may have the right to receive the personal data you have provided, in a structured format, in common use and automatic reading, and you may have the right to transmit this data to another controller;
  • Right of Opposition: In certain situations, you may have the right, at any time, to oppose, for reasons related to your particular situation, the processing of your personal data and FastFiber may be obliged to stop processing your personal data;
  • Right not to be subject to automated decisions: You have the right not to be subject to any decision taken based solely on automated treatment, including the definition of profiles, which has an effect on your legal sphere or which similarly significantly affects you.

What measures are in place to ensure the security of your personal data?

FastFiber adopts technical and organizational measures, which are periodically reviewed and improved, aimed at guaranteeing the security and protection of your personal data in terms of its availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality, as well as those aimed at preventing its loss, misuse, unauthorized alteration, treatment or access, as well as any other form of unlawful treatment.

Cookies’ Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s computer when visiting certain websites. In some cases, they are eliminated after that visit. In other cases, they are kept for later visits. The use of cookies when accessing websites is a common practice and the various browsers allow each user to refuse their use, as well as to eliminate those that have already been created.

FastFiber’s Internet pages and some of its applications may use cookies to improve Users’ navigation, as well as to better understand their behavior, tastes and interests (globally) and thus improve the use and visualization of the website, making it simpler and faster, enabling a more interesting and dynamic browsing experience.

You can learn how to disable cookies on your browser. You can also learn more about the use of cookies made by FastFiber. Please note that important features of FastFiber website and applications will stop working while cookies are blocked.

Managing cookies in various browsers

To disable cookies on your browser you can follow these instructions. It should be noted that, given the large number of browsers and their versions, these instructions are not exhaustive. You can also consult the specific help pages of your browser or a generic page on this topic.

All about cookies:



Internet explorer:

Types of cookies

The cookies on FastFiber’s website and online services fall into the following category:

Category 2 – service analysis cookies. These cookies collect information about how FastFiber website and services are used, such as which pages are most visited. This information can be used to help FastFiber improve the pages and make them easier to use. These cookies also allow knowing if visits to FastFiber website come from campaigns that FastFiber Group companies order from suppliers and third parties and whether those visits resulted in the purchase of a product or service. These cookies do not collect information that identifies the user since all the information collected is aggregated in non-personal and, therefore, anonymous indicators.

FastFiber does not use the use of Targeting Cookies to promote advertising directed to users.

How are cookies used?

FastFiber uses Cookies referred below, to improve functionality:

  • pll_language: Saves the language selected by the user, for viewing the website;
  • wordpress_test_cookie: checks if the cookies are enabled on the browser to provide appropriate user experience to the users:
pll_languageSaves the language set by the user to view the websiteHTTP1 Day
wordpress_test_cookieCheck if the cookies are enabled on the browser to provide appropriate user experience to the users. This cookie is used on the front-end, even if you are not logged in.HTTPSession

By browsing FastFiber’s website you are consenting to the cookie’s permissions to process your personal data for the specific purposes specified above.

You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Who can I contact in case of doubt?

If you have any questions or concerns about how we collect and process personal data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer.

The Data Protection Officer

Crowe Advisory Portugal


You can submit your request or questions using the contact form on our company’s website, by email to the Data Protection Officer or HERE.

The Supervisory Authority

You have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority. The contact details are:

CNPD – Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados
Av. D. Carlos I, 134 – 1.º
1200-651 Lisboa
Phone number: +351 213928400

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