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In recent years, the Portuguese electronic communications market has been growing strongly, primarily based on the provision of services supported on fiber optic networks.

These networks still have an enormous potential for growth and development and Fastfiber intends to promote and dynamize that development by working in partnership with all operators in Portugal.

It is in this context and with this vision that FastFiber was incorporated in April 2020, becoming the biggest fiber optic wholesale operator in Portugal, with the largest national fiber optic network.

FastFiber resulted from a partnership between PT Portugal, SGPS, S.A (50.01%), an entity part of Altice Portugal, and MDN Senior Holding S.A. (49.99%), an entity part of NHIP III, managed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, comprising its network all the fiber assets that belonged to Altice Portugal.

With more than 5 million homes passed, FastFiber’s main objective is to continue to expand its national coverage, leading Portugal to be the first country in Europe to have full optical fiber coverage, keeping up with the constant evolution of the electronic communications sector, including 5G mobile networks.

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Fiber for All

Address:  Rua João de Lemos, nº3 Loja
1300-324 Lisboa
Telephone:  +351 210 517 700
Email:  geral@fastfiber.pt

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