We have the largest and most modern fiber optic network in Portugal

+ than 5 million homes passed
+ than 5 million km of dark fiber

We connect millions of Portuguese from all counties in Portugal

+ than 1.2 million of FTTH accesses connected
+ than 700 thousand km of point-to-point dark fiber connected

We continue to invest to expand our network coverage in Portugal

Why FastFiber

Global Operator

+ than 5 million homes passed and + than 120 thousand km of dark fiber cables

Total Transparency

Competitive and transparent offer, with market oriented conditions

Quality Service

The largest fiber optic network in Portugal with the highest quality levels

Know – how

Team with high experience, business insight and customer-oriented

Network & Coverage

logo Fast Fiber

Fiber for All

Address:  Rua João de Lemos, nº3 Loja
1300-324 Lisboa
Telephone:  +351 210 517 700
Email:  geral@fastfiber.pt

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